VLG goes recruiting for its core members and designers! For the recruitment process this year, we are introducing many ways to become a core team member at VLG. We encourage you to apply through as many ways as you wish.

Recruitment Test for 1st Year

Your familiarity with deep learning concepts will be tested along with a few open-ended questions to analyze your thinking and explaining skills.

Venue: Room no - 004, APJ Block

Time: 9th March 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Pitch Your Project

Submit your ideas in the form of a well drafted proposal

Proposal Submission Deadline: 16th March 11:59pm

Call For Bloggers

If you are a passionate writer and wish to share your knowledge and insights into the world of deep learning with our community, send us your articles. We’ll be publishing shortlisted ones through the Medium account of VLG.

Blog submission deadline: 16th March 11:59pm

Design Assignment:

We are also looking for designers to join our team. If you have a creative eye and love designing, we would love to hear from you.

Submission Deadline: 17th March

You can follow us on instagram and find posters for this year here