Computer Vision

Foreground Extraction

An introduction to a fairly useful technique...

Histogram Equalisation

Bringing in a bit of statistics ...

Image Transformations

A Step closer to a document scanner.

Image Filtering

Another Step closer to a document scanner.

Object Detection and Tracking

Computer vision approach to object tracking.


A basic weapon of every computer vision enthusiast.


Outline contours of images.

Template Matching

When correlation meets convolution.

Corner Detection

Use OpenCV's built in functions for corner detection

Hough Transform

The start of transform techniques and interpolations in computer vision.

Morphological Transformations

Erode and sharpen outlines with morphological transforms.

Machine Learning

K Means Clustering

K-Means clustering, a primer on one of the most intuitive algorithms in unsupervised learning.

Linear Regression

Least squares : when your data seems nice...

Logistic Regression

Linear classifiers with a sigmoid function.

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