Password Cracking

On hearing the term “password-cracking,” many will think this post will be about how to guess someone’s password or somewhat similar, but the reality is not always so satisfying.

Riding the Noisy Research Track

It’s pretty common to get fascinated by the idea of research. But sometimes we lose intrest midway through it. Ride this noisy track with one of our undergrad reasercher !

What doing research as an undergrad can teach you.

What is research but a blind date with knowledge ? Explore more about researching as an undergrad with our senpai deku!

Optimizer: diving deep into Neural Networks

Waiting for the neural network to train is always annoying, make sure you use the right optimizers !

Metric Learning: It’s all about the Distance (Medium)

Going deeper and deeper works, but only when we know what exactly to learn. Let’s make sure we learn the right thing.

The Curse of Dimensionality (Medium)

Some say breaking this curse is as herculian of a task as breaking the Curse of Medusa. Well, who are we to judge…

Principal Component Analysis (Medium)

Too many dimensions can be bad for your model’s health. Here comes PCA to the rescue.

Singular Value Decomposition (Medium)

Whether you want to compress an image or calculate pseudo-inverse, SVD will always be there for you.

Support Vector Machine (Medium)

SVM is the Mr. Perfect of Machine Learning Classifiers. It basically wants different examples to be as far as possible.